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#271. Success Leaves Clues....

other, level: Middle
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Terrific Teacher Tool Kit
Terrific Teacher Tool Kit, Huntsville, Texas USA
Materials Required: Pencil and Paper
Activity Time: Five Minutes
Concepts Taught: When you follow a prove recipe, you produce results!

Success Leaves Clues....

1. All students will need a sheet of paper and pencil.

2. Have them think of any number between 1 and 100.

3. Write it down.

4. Then, multiply it by 99.

5. Add the product across.

Example: 22
x 99

2+1+7+8 =18

6. Turn the overhead on to show the answer was predictable. That it was 18. Thats right, if the math was right, all students will have an answer of 18...

7. Emphasize the point that success is predictable when the students follow a proven recipe for successful lives.

Student Centered Review...

What does the statement... "Success Leaves Clues mean?
How do you borrow someones success recipe?
What does the word "modeling" mean?
How does modeling human excellence save time and energy?
Who would you like to model to create a successful and happy life?
Can you model negative behaviors as well as positive ones? Explain.

The Actions...

List four positive behaviors or attributes of someone who is a positive role model.
Develop a plan to borrow these positive behaviors by observing your role model.
Have a friend observe you and provide feedback on your progress.
Develop a concise recipe for the positive attributes and behaviors that you already possess so that they can be shared with others.
You will be amazed how many of your friends will be modeling you.
This HandyHandout is designed to demonstrate to your students the importance of modeling human excellence. Your students will be able to identify and copy the things others have done to become successful. When they become skilled at modeling excellence, their lives will be filled with predictable and consistent results.
There are many wasted hours spent in designing a successful life if it is designed by happenstance or accident. The number of hours and the number of failures can be reduced dramatically by following a plan... a concise plan, one that has been thoroughly tested and debugged. This type of plan can be referred to as a recipe for success. Because you see, Success Leaves Clues.
Success Leaves Clues success
positive attributes

Following a successful recipe for life will yield a life of successes