Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2710. Number Sense-Patterns

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Oct 6 12:20:07 PDT 2002 by Diane Ross (
Teacher, Lancaster, CA
Materials Required: Paper, crayons, markers or colored pencils, adding machine or computer tape
Concepts Taught: Number Patterns

1. Teacher attaches a border of adding machine or computer tape around an area for a bulletin board.
2. Children color and cut out uniform shapes (holiday and seasonal themes), such as fall leaves, light bulbs for science, snowflakes for winter, etc.
3. Shapes are glues around 3/4 of border forming a
pattern. Teacher asks questions for the rest of the border. IE: How many brown leaves will be needed if the pattern continues four more time?
How many orange leaves will there be? etc. There is room for alot of variation in this lesson for different grade levels; and in the end it makes a colorful border for your bulletin board.