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#2717. Writing advanced Spanish essays

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Posted Fri Oct 11 12:23:51 PDT 2002 by Chad (
Spanish, Charleston

Writing the Perfect Advanced Spanish Essay

Mr. Chad E. Allan
Bishop England High School

Certain criteria are a must in order to create the perfect essay in Intermediate and Advanced Spanish language study (Levels III to AP). The following list is meant to be a guide for creating such an essay but does not include all requirements. Based on the theme and main idea of such an essay, new requirements may be necessary. ALL good essays will include the following:

Main idea is stated in the first sentence and is worded to reflect what the content of the body will include

Flow of the wording and content is linked and relevant to the topic

"Fluff" is minimal if at all present

Includes examples of PERO, SINO, and SINO QUE

Includes justified statements of opinion (para que plus subjunctive, para plus infinitive etc.)

If clauses are evident including the proper use of the subjunctive and related tenses in the sequence of tenses

Verb tenses used are similar to the theme's statement or question


Factual statements are made relating to the topic (Es evidente que. . .., Es justo decir que. . .., Es verdad que. . .ETC)

NON-OVERUSED vocabulary is used

Variance of verbs and vocabulary are used

No English or "Quoted" English words- use circunlocucin

A well-constructed conclusion sentence that combines the body and the main idea

Correction key:

VC- verb choice

WC- word choice

VT- verb tense

VS- verb structure

VCON - conjugation error

SS/SO- sentence structure/sentence order

VAL- sentence value or purpose

PR- preposition choice error/ or not needed

CON- connection or relevance within the essay

SP- spelling error

USE- direct/indirect/relative etc. pronoun error

PUNC- accent mark or punctuation error

MI- missing word / needed for correctness

?- statement/structure/order does not make sense

EXP- expression error

OR- order is incorrect

GEN- gender (and/or number) is incorrect

AGR- agreement error