Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#2718. Name Bingo

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Fri Oct 11 13:36:18 PDT 2002 by Susan (
CNS, Shaker Hts, Ohio USA
Materials Required: Cardboard, computer or markers, scissors, laminating material
Activity Time: grouptime game (about 15 minutes)
Concepts Taught: Name and word recognition

For the fourteen children in my class, I make a Lotto Game using all the children's first names. Draw a grid of 8 squares--write or type children's and teacher's names in squares. Make a card for each child (all of the names will not be on each of the cards, but all names must be included in total). Make extra cards to cut up so they may be used for the teacher to hold up and announce.

Give each child 8 bingo chips to cover the names as you read the ones on his or her card. When all names are read--everybody ends up winning.