Grade: all
Subject: Language

#2719. Weird Science: Vocabulary practice for Parts of the Body

Language, level: all
Posted Fri Oct 11 16:08:44 PDT 2002 by Leslie Hamilton (
Parkersburg Catholic High School, Parkersburg, West Virginia
Materials Required: Drawings or pictures (I used three different ones) of aliens
Activity Time: 1 day/1 lesson period
Concepts Taught: Spanish names of the body parts/Conversational interaction/vocabulary for above, next to, underneath

This activity provides an opportunity to practice the Spanish vocabulary for numbers, body parts (arm, eye, hair, head, etc) and relative position of objects...or in this case, body parts(above, next to, underneath) Prepare drawings of three alien life forms (The internet provided some good ones). These life forms should be humanoid, but have, for example, four eyes or two heads or multiple arms.
I made folders out of black construction paper and in each folder I pasted a drawing of one of the aliens, each third of the class having the drawing of the same alien. Students work in pairs. Only one student per pair has a folder and drawing of an alien. The purpose of the folder is to hide the drawing from the student's partner, who must draw a picture of the alien as described by the student in Spanish, using the vocabulary for body parts already learned.
Students have fun, practice real communication in Spanish, and learn and remember the vocabulary. An added bonus are the drawings which can be displayed...and later used as an oral review!