Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#272. Pajama Party

other, level: Elementary
Posted by Jennifer Starcke (
Holy Name School, Kansas City, US
Materials Required: pajamas, "P" movie, "P" snacks, pillows
Activity Time: all day
Concepts Taught: Emaphasis on letter P

This is a fun activity I do with my kindergarteners during our study of the letter P. In advance I send a letter home to parents asking them to send their children to school in their pajamas. Reminding them of our Kansas winter weather. The students get to be in a "Pajama Parade" through the school so that everyone gets to see us in our attire. Later in the day we watch a movie that has a "P" title, sit with our pillows and eat pretzels, peanuts & popcorn. It is a lot of fun for both students and teacher. Most comfortable attire I wear to school all year!