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#2723. Fun With Spelling

other, level: all
Posted Sun Oct 27 07:43:31 PST 2002 by Rebecca Jennings (
Lak elInde, Michigan
Materials Required: Pen/Pencil paper Scissors
Activity Time: AnyTime!!
Concepts Taught: Spelling, learning words

Write the vocabulary words on your paper and cut out around them in squares. You can also do this on your computer, print, and cute. Business card paper (preferated) is best. Then you can use them as flash cards. You can do this 2 ways. Play thi slike Around the world. Have 2 pupils stand up and hold up a flash card. they need to say the word. Whoever gets it first, moves on to the next pupil. Or you can show them to yourself, and say the word (again like around the world) and have them spell out the word. Pupils love this and they are learning!! This is best before they have a test! Or Pre-Test for that matter!!!