Subject: Mathematics

#2727. Learning to Label a Pattern

Mathematics, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri Nov 1 16:30:34 PST 2002 by Sherry Thompson (
homeschool, Sellersville, USA
Materials Required: 10 each of gum and lollipops or at least ten two different objects
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: applying a label to a created pattern for math challenged kids

For kids who have a difficult time with pattern contruction and labeling, for whatever reason, this may help them focus on a concrete, and yummy approach

First: have child or children lay down a simple pattern with the gum then gum candy gum candy gum candy etc. As they lay each object down they must say the name of their object.

Next: have them complicate their pattern by layind down 2 gum 2 candy 2 gum 2 candy etc.

Next: on two slips of paper write "A" and the other "B".

Next: tell children that they will be renaming their objects. They can call the gum "A" instead, and the candy "B".

Next: Now when the child lays down their object they will say the objects' new name.

I have found that my child with Aspbergers' has finally caught on to pattern construction and labeling by using this try it on those kids who are struggling in the area of patterns.