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Subject: Language

#2728. Morning Message

Language, level: Kindergarten
Posted Wed Nov 13 17:52:35 PST 2002 by Holly (Holly Brandt).
Travis Heights, Austin, TX
Materials Required: Chart Tablet
Activity Time: 10-15 minutes

Morning Message-approx. 10 minutes
Teacher to left of chart paper. Think out loud.
Dear Class,
Today is Monday.
It is a rainy day.
We will go to Art.
Let's have a great day!
Your Teacher
Count the sentences. Record on chart.
Count the words in each sentence. Record on chart.
Which sentence has the most words?
Which sentence has the least words?
Which two sentences have the same number of words?
Count the letters in each sentence. Record on chart.
Which sentence has the most letters? Least? Same?
Can someone find some words they can read?
Can someone find two words that begin with the same letter? (Underline)
Can someone find the word that rhymes with a word in our message?
Locate capital letters, punctuation, spacing.
Select a word and brainstorm other words that begin with the same letter.
Generate rhyming words that have same pattern as word in message.
Clap syllables of words.
Keep list of synonyms for 'great' and use a new word each week.

Variation: Kindergarten News.
Today is Fun Friday.
Sean is going to a movie.
Ellis has a new puppy.