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#2729. hangman spelling

Games, level: all
Posted Tue Nov 5 14:02:56 PST 2002 by Michelle (
Beach Channel High School, Queens, NY
Materials Required: spelling list, chalk, chalk borad, two teams with captians
Activity Time: 15-20 each day until list is complete
Concepts Taught: introduction to new spelling words


1. Only the captian may answer.
2. Captians are rotated every week.
3. If neither team spells the word correctly, it becomes a dead word and no points are awarded.
4. If a member of the team calls out and it is not their turn, that team looses a point.


1. Divide the class into two teams for the week. Each team must designate a captian.

2. Teams rotate back and forth guessing letters like hangman. Only the captian may say letters. The team may help him/her decide. If the team knows the word on their turn, they get a chance to spell it correctly. If they are correct, they win a point on their spelling test at the end of the week.

3. If the team misses the word, the opposing team has an opportunity to steal. If they spell the word out correctly, they win the point and the right to start the next word.

This is a good way to introduce vocabulary and focus on the idea of working for a team. My 9th and 10th graders love it! Let me know how it goes.