Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#273. Science Works (An alternative Science Fair)

Science, level: Middle
Posted by Amy S. Hirst (
Most Presious Blood School, New London
Materials Required: research materials
Activity Time: present:15 min. student prep: 1 week
Concepts Taught: scientific method

Objective: The student will be able to identify, demonstarate, and explain a science generalization of their choice.

Establish Set: Choose a science generalization to model. Keep aspects of grading criteria in mind as you demonstrate.

Presentation: Explain to students that they will research, plan, and present a demostration like the one they have just seen. Review and explain aspects of activity (grading criteria) and steps to its preparation.
1. Research. Choose a science generalization to demonstrate.
2. Plan a demo. that could be done at school or at home.
3. Try the demo.
4. Try the demo. again.
5. Plan your presentation. Make notes on note cards.
-Introduction (get attention, prepare audience)
-Demo. (explain what you do)
-Explanation (why? variations? applications)
-Conclusion (review with poster)
6. Practice presentation. (use a mirror)
7. Practice for your family. (be clear, calm, confident)
8. Practice again. (volume, rate, eye contact)
9. Come to school prepared on Science Works Day.
10. Perform with confidence. Amaze and teach others.

Reinforce: Allow student to begin research. Perform another presentation. Emphasize aspects of grading criteria.

Practice: Send letter home explaining activity. Request that parents take time to watch their child's performance and review grading criteria.

Application: Students perform their presentations at school assembly or for video camera. (Be sure to invite families to share in their childrens' successes. Invite them to assembly, hold a special performance, or share videotape.)