#2734. Flashlight Word Wall

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Nov 17 06:52:11 PST 2002 by Sandra Picano (Sandeek12@aol.com).
Frances K. Sweet Magnet School, Ft. Pierce, Fl. 34982
Materials Required: Flashlight and posted words.
Activity Time: 10 minutes or more
Concepts Taught: Fun reading words around the wall .

Make up a catchy fingerplay for the introduction of the activity. Flashlight, flashlight, show our words with your light. (all the classroom lights are off) Using the flashlight twirl it around on the ceiling saying: Word Wall, Word Wall, What word is this? (point the flashlight on a word) Say it and spell it. They love it.
I have suggested this activity to the parents for reinforcement to be used at home. The students write their own words and place them around their bedroom and play this just before they go to bed.