Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#2741. Collaboration Collage

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Fri Nov 22 13:22:53 PST 2002 by Karla Shaw (
Blytheville High School, Blytheville, USA
Materials Required: old magazines, copies of play, posterboard, glue sticks, scissors
Activity Time: 1/2-1 period or as outside activity
Concepts Taught: Characterization, cooperation

Students, after reading The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and discussing character traits and methods of characterization used, will find pictures in various magazines/newspapers to portray characters from the play.

Pictures will be cut out and glued to posters, with character descriptions (no names) written under them.

Students can then try to guess who each character is according to "looks" and then descriptions.

My students found some of the most hilarious pictures! They had fun deciding whom the pictures resembled most. Some decided based on the traits of the character, while others used strictly the appearance. For example, a picture of a well-known celebrity who played the role of a fortune-teller on his TV show was found to represent the soothsayer.

This works for other of Shakespeare's plays, as well as any other stories you may read!