Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#2742. Advertising Agency( English/Art)

other, level: Middle
Posted Fri Nov 22 19:38:23 PST 2002 by Toni (
New Haven
Materials Required: depends on the product
Activity Time: about 1 week
Concepts Taught: Product design, art, writing. team work

Beh. Obj: In teams, students will create and design a product and its advertisement.

Method: I had students choose a shampoo or food product (Ex. Muscle Gel- it grows muscle where you apply it!) They could use an existing product or design their own. The teams will form their advertising agency and name it. Then they will create/chose their product. They must decide who is their target market, then create an ad for the product. The team must work together to create the product and learn to deal with conflict and "creative differences"
My 6th graders are having fun being a company and making the product.