Grade: Senior

#2756. World War II

Social Studies, level: Senior
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University of Tulsa, Tulsa, USA
Concepts Taught: Studying WWII with an emphasis on the sociological implications

Help students
Understand the elements that led to the start of WWII
Know major battles and turning points
Importance of the Holocaust
Show the importance of sociological implications of war
Learn how to develop personal insights and opinions based on historical fact and events
Enduring Knowledge
The student will be able to describe nineteenth political developments.
The student will analyze major 20th century events through WWII.
The student will evaluate post-WWII global and contemporary events.
Essential Questions
What led to the start of WWII?
What were the turning points in the War?
What does the Holocaust mean?
What were the sociological implications of the war?
In terms of political and economic standards, what was learned from WWII?
World War II Introduction
First day of Unit
Divide class into Jews, Nazis, US Military and the Homefront
Have each group report how their specific groups are affected by the war and what it means to them
Have the groups write it down to turn in to be discussed after the unit is over
World War II Introduction
After discussion of each groups explain final project
Explain what is meant by personal insight
How the comic book should be done
Answer questions
Unit One: Week 1 What led to the start of WWII?
What was the political climate in Europe after WWI?
What led to the rise and popularity of the Nazi Party?
What was the United States frame of mind after WWI and after the beginning of WWII?
Unit One: Week One Assessment
Will be handed out at the beginning of the week, due at the end.
Graded on completeness, not right or wrong answer
Will be first chapter of comic book
Unit Two: Weeks 2-3 What were the turning points in the war?
Why did D-Day almost not happen?
What was Pearl Harbor?
What happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Unit Two Assessments and Tasks
Watch the movie D-Day
Focus on the intricate details that were involved in the operation and outcome
One page report on why D-Day almost did not happen
Drawing and Research for Comic Book
Quiz over units one and two
Unit Three: Weeks 3-5 What does Holocaust mean?
Who was affected by the Holocaust?
What are the different names attached to the Holocaust and what do they mean?
What is the difference between concentration and extermination camps?
How do you feel about people saying it never happened?
What's the difference between genocide and ethnic cleansing?
How did the Holocaust effect how we feel about war and involvement in foreign relations?
Unit Three Assessment
The ABC's of the Holocaust
Each student is assigned a letter of the alphabet and they have to research on how that letter corresponds to the Holocaust
Holocaust Glossary from
This will be the mid-term assessment
Chapter in comic book will be this letter
Unit Four: Weeks 6-8 What were the sociological implications of WWII?
How did the US react to Japanese, German, Italian-Americans during WWII?
How did attitudes change regarding Human rights?
How did women's roles change during this period?
How did we change in our philosophies about teaching and learning?

Unit Four Assessment
Choice of three transcripts to read
From Homebuilders to Shipbuilders
Japanese Americans: The War at Home
Home Life
Read and write/draw explaining the sociological implications
Will be used in Comic Book

Unit Four Assessments
Homefront Roundtable
Students are assigned a specific role such as African-American, Japanese-American, Italian-American etc. . .
Research how the war would impact their character
One day of class-arrange table into circle, moderators ask question, discuss
Unit Five: Weeks 8-10 What were the political/economic implications?
How did the US's economy change during and after WWII?
What treaties were established after WWII that affected the European economy? Global economy?
How did the UN come about?
What is the significance of the UN?

Unit Five Assessments
Group Project: Five Groups answering
Political consequences in Europe
Economic consequences in Europe
Political consequences in the US
Economic consequences in the US
United Nations
Test over units four and five

Final Project Comic Book
Comic Book
10 week long project
Comprehensive comic book depicting episodes from each unit with personal insight
Character Development
Personal Insight
Support by events and other facts
Flowing Dialogue
They will have Maus I & II as reference

Comic Book Grading Criteria
Level 4
Demonstrates deep understanding of essential questions
Character and story line are fully developed
Story line reflects personal insight
Insight and opinions supported through character dialogue, events and time frame
Considerable time and effort were placed on illustrations and text
Not graded on artistic ability
Comic Book Grading Criteria
Level 3
Story line is apparent, though not as fully developed as could be
Grasps major concepts within essential questions
Construct flowing dialogue
Illustrates characters consistently
Personal insight and opinion visible but not fully explained
Comic Book Grading Criteria
Level 2
Lacks story line
Lacks character development
Lacks complete understanding of essential questions and concepts
Illustrations lack effort
Attempted dialogue
Lack of personal insight and opinion
Comic Book Grading Criteria
Level 1
Illustrations are pitiful
No understanding of essential questions
Unable to construct dialogue
No personal insight or opinion
No character