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#2759. Meet the Artist

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Tue Dec 17 21:08:10 PST 2002 by judy stedman (
Meet the Artist
terra bella elementary school, terra bella,california
Materials Required: biographies on artists, internet
Activity Time: 1-2 weeks/45 minute periods
Concepts Taught: connecting writing and art

Students select a famous artist from a list given by teacher. They learn all they can about the artist from books, internet,
videos. They put together their information on a science board (i.e. name, birth, art media, family, problems, death, etc.). Next, they "become" that artist. Costumes really help students get into the character. They practice discussing the artist they have become with a partner. Have a "Meet the Artist" night in which families, administration, other classes are invited to a reception. Students are arranged with their "Information " boards around room , cafeteria, etc. Guests walk around and talk to the different artists. This was a "HUGE" success for students and all who came. The costumes really make the artist. We have had Mary Cassatt, Grant Wood, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O'Keeffe. If you have access to videos on artist's life, you need to preview. Some artists lead VERY colorful lives.