Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#2764. butterfly life cycle

Science, level: Elementary
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Painted Butterfly Life Cycle Outline
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Materials Required: KWLChart, Butterfly Life Cycle Diagram
Activity Time: two-three days
Concepts Taught: life cycle of butterfly

Butterfly Life Cycle

Lesson and objectives: Students will explore the life cycle and the characteristics of a butterfly. They will fill in a life cycle chart and orally recite the life cycle of a butterfly.

California State Standards: Grade 2 Life Science 2 Plants and animals have predictable life cycles. As a basic for understanding this concept:

A) Students know that organisms reproduce offsprings of their own kind and that the offspring resemble their parents and one another.

B) Students know that sequential stages of life cycles are different for different animals, such as butterflies, frogs, and mice.

C) Students know many characteristics of an organism are inhertited from the parents. Some characteristics are caused or influenced by the environment.

D) Students know there is variation among individuals of one kind within a population.