Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#2768. online lesson plans

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Fri Dec 13 07:43:00 PST 2002 by David Williams (ke_williams).
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Kenston Local Schools, Chagrin Falls OH
Materials Required: Powerpoint, Internet
Activity Time: 7 Days
Concepts Taught: Power Point State Research Project

PowerPoint State Research Project

Directions: Create a PowerPoint presentation on a state of your choice. This presentation must include a minimum of five topics of research. Possible topics of research include history, geography, economy, famous citizens, famous places, recreational activities, etc. Each topic of research must be a minimum of three slides in length. Be sure the presentation that you create has consistency of design. This means you should either use the same background on all slides or use the same background on all slides that share a common theme. It also means that your font and font size should be consistent in the manner used. Therefore, all titles should be of the same size and font. Also, all bulleted items should be of the same size and font. Your presentation should be organized according the following directions.

Slide 1: Introduction Slide
-has the title of your presentation
-has your name on it.

Slide 2: Table Of Contents Slide
-has a title called "Table of Contents"
-contains six action buttons with names
-five of the action buttons should link to your different topics of research
-the sixth action button should link to the final resource slide
-each action button should be titled with the name of the area of research to which it will link

Slide 3-##: Research Topic Slides
-should contain a title and bulleted information about each of your topics of research
-complete sentences are not required, however, the information you provide should be detailed
-Internet graphics are required for each topic of research
-the last slide of each topic of research should have an action button that links back to the table of contents

Last Slide: Resource Slide
-has the title "References"
-contains a hyperlink to each of the websites you used for research