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#2776. Pencil Swatter!

Games, level: all
Posted Thu Jan 2 07:06:12 PST 2003 by Lisa (
Pegasus, CA
Materials Required: Game Sheet, Pencils
Activity Time: 15-50 minutes
Concepts Taught: All

This game is guranteed to be a hit at any level and with any discipline. I came up with it after playing the famous "fly swatter" game and coming to terms with the fact that a) my classroom is not big enough for that, b)it gets too physical and too out of hand, and c) this new version allows all students to partcipate as opposed to only 2 at a time.

Depending on the concept you are currently studying, randomly write out the words (or paste the pictures that represent those words) onto a standard 8.5 X 11 sheet of white paper. I teach Spanish as a 2nd language, so I write out Spanish vocabulary words or paste pictures that represent those words onto the master copy. Write/Paste them all over the paper at different angles.
Xerox that sheet so that you have enough copies for pairs.

Pass out the papers, one per pair, and instruct the students to take out a pencil or pen. They should keep track of points on a separate scratch piece of paper or at the bottom/top of the paper you handed out.

Tell the students the rules:
1) When I say "Ready" it needs to be so quiet that I could hear a pin drop
2) All pencils need to be at the outside edge of the paper (ie no waiting for the word by hovering over the paper and blocking your partner's view)
3) After I say the word/clue, the 1st person to "swat" the answer/picture wins for that round, and that person gets a point.
4) The game can end at any point...(you can stop if the students gets overly excited)

I pass out little stickers to the winner of each pair. My students get SO excited when we play this game, and they don't even realize how much they are learning when playing. This is a GREAT review activity before a test!!!!