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#2788. Integrated Class Project

other, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jan 7 12:11:55 PST 2003 by Jerry R. Jones (jrjones
K-Rowe P.S, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Materials Required: cardboard, art supplies, electrical supplies
Activity Time: 3-4 weeks
Concepts Taught: Integrated Unit

Class Project

Over the next few weeks you will be involved in an integrated class project. This project will include work in the design and technology, science, math, french and art subject areas. The following information is an outline of the things that must be presented in your project. I hope this information will assist you and your group in creating the best project possible.

As a group you are to create a building or structure made from cardboard. This building can be a house, recreation complex, small apartment building, school etc.

Evaluation for this project will be based on an oral presentation on how your structure was designed and constructed . Construction specifications and project questions will follow. Each member of the group should be prepared to answer and discuss all of the questions provided.

Construction Specifications

Exterior Dimensions:
The total volume of your structure must be no larger than 70 000 cm. The length, width and height can be represented by any design you wish. However, it must not exceed the total volume.

Interior Dimensions:
The interior of your building must consist of at least two floors and six rooms. Each building must possess at least one of each of the following rooms.

- bedroom or rest area -1
- kitchen -1
- recreation room or family room -1
- dinning room or cafeteria-1
- closet or storage space -1
- bath room -1
* Remember to ensure each room has accessibility from a door or stairs if it is on the top floor

Electrical Requirements:
Each building must have at least three battery operated circuits attached to a switch. These circuits may be hooked to either a light, motor or bell.

French Requirements:
The French segment of this project will require each group to furnish the building with furniture and appliances. You must build and label a minimum of 10 items. The criteria for evaluation for French will be based on creativity, originality, labels and oral presentation.

Art Requirement:
The Art segment of this project will consist of the painting and decorating of the building's interior and exterior. Neatness, colour combination, technique and originality will be the criteria for evaluation.

Design and Technology:
Each group will be required to create a blueprint of your structure outlining the dimensions (measurement) of each of the rooms in reference to its perimeter, area, volume and percentage of the total structure. The size of each room is entirely up to you and your group.

Presentation Questions

You are not required to memorize all of the information needed to answer the questions. Please use charts and diagrams to help you explain how things work.

1. How did you calculate the perimeter, area, and volume of the total structure and each of the rooms? (use blueprint to show dimensions and calculations)

2. How does a parallel circuit work? ( use a diagram)

3. How does a series circuit work? ( use a diagram)

4. How does the colour combinations and use of different textures in you structure enhance its appeal and evokes emotion? (use a colour chart)

5. How did your group come up with your building design? Where did you get your ideas from?

6. Why did you design the interior of you structure the way you did? What practical application does you floor layout have in terms of accessibility and every day use?

7. What problems did you encounter when making your structure? How were the
problems resolved?

Criteria Checklist

Group Assignments

Name Responsibility

Please use the following checklist to ensure that all project requirements are successfully completed buy your group.

Activity Completion Checklist

Exterior Dimensions:

□ volume of structure
□ perimeter of each room
□ area of each room
□ volume of each room
□ percentage/fraction of each room

Interior Dimensions:

□ bedroom/rest room
□ kitchen
□ rec/family room
□ dining room/cafe
□ closet/storage space

Electrical Requirements:

□ circuit one __________________
□ circuit two __________________
□ circuit three __________________
□ diagrams for presentation prepared

French Requirements:

□ furniture and appliances
□ labels completed
□ oral presentation completed

Art Requirements:

□ proper colour combinations used
□ use of different textures

Design and technology Requirements:

□ blueprint completed

Presentation Questions:

□ diagrams and charts in place
□ all question appropriately completed
□ each group member ready for oral presentation