Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#2789. color search and recognition

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Jan 7 23:41:04 PST 2003 by Aurora Mandy (
preschool, california
Materials Required: colored construction paper, brads
Activity Time: circle
Concepts Taught: color recognition, identification, and labelling

This is very simple yet very effective. Trace crayon shapes (about 7 inches long)onto colored paper. If you have a copy machine that accepts colored paper you can copy shapes from a clipart book or the web directly onto the paper. Cut them out and print the name of each color boldly on the front. Next laminate them or cover them, front and back, with clear contact paper. Punch a hole in each and thread onto the brad. Make enough so that each student will have a set. During circle, ask children to find certain colors, if they have trouble, show them the color on your own set and let them find it on their own (this way you are not doing it for them and there is no "failure"). I do this as a group. As the children get profficient, I progress to "speed rounds" with individual children. We all clap for each others success. My kids Love this easy game!