Grade: Middle
Subject: Music

#2790. Sight reading using tone bells

Music, level: Middle
Posted Wed Jan 8 09:08:14 PST 2003 by Jane Putt Kessler (
Hunter Junior High School, West Valley City, USA
Materials Required: LCD Projector linked to computer, 1-3 tone bell sets, print music software on the computer
Activity Time: 35 minutes
Concepts Taught: reading notes, rhythms and rests

Have each student choose one tone bell from the tone bell set. Using print music, write a melody that includes one open fifth, quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rests. Project the melody using the LCD projector. Have the students count the rhythm using ta and ti-ti. Now have those students who have those particular notes play the melody. After this, transpose the melody into different keys using the transposition feature in Print Music. Find out who has the next two notes. Rehearse with each group of students while the other students watch. Find out who has not yet played. Transpose it to their key or let them get another tone bell.