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Social Studies
Grade: Middle

#2796. Religion Bowl

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jan 21 07:03:08 PST 2003 by Michael Wombacker (
Andes Central School, Andes, New York
Materials Required: Poster Paper, Markers, Textbook
Activity Time: 2 Periods
Concepts Taught: World Religions

Let's Get Ready to Rumble. . .

It's Religion Bowl III, where all the world's religions are vying to come out on top as the most powerful religion in the world. This season has been tight from the very start. We have six major religious teams and two surprise teams from the world of philosophy.

Christianity started out strong this year and won their division in a tight race with Judaism. Hinduism and Buddhism both had strong seasons and tied for first place in their division. In the remaining division, Islam took a big lead against Daoism and never looked back. Two wild card teams, Confucianism and Legalism also competed this season, and showed great promise in their first year of league play.

Now here we are in the playoffs and season records count for nothing. The playoffs are the time for teams to shine and show what they are really made of. The schedule for the playoffs is:

vs. __________ WINNER
vs. __________ WINNER
vs. __________ WINNER
vs. __________ CHAMPION
vs. __________ WINNER
vs. __________ WINNER
vs. __________ WINNER

Your assignment is to make a poster for your team advertising its strengths as they start the playoffs. You should have the following on your poster:

1. Who started the religion 2. Where it started 3. When it started
4. Names of any holy books/texts 5. Important beliefs 6. Important people
7. Where it is found today 8. How many practice it today 9. Special messages

DUE DATE: January 29, 2003