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#2806. Black History Month BB Commemorative Stamp Idea

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Posted Mon Feb 3 11:16:47 PST 2003 by Barbara & Sue Gruber ().

Black History Month BB Idea --an easy idea for you!
Posted by on 2/03/03

How about this? Have each student create a commemorative postage stamp focusing on Black History. Show a variety of cancelled postage stamps so kids can observe details on stamps. Then, give each child 8 x 10 paper to "rough out"
their stamps. After carefully designing the stamps, they create stamps on white art paper 8x10. Cut edges with fancy-cut scissors or pinking shears to look like perforations. Mount on bulletin board. You can make commemorative stamps about just about anything--we've done them on literature characters, favorite books, authors, famous Americans, CA history, inventions, ecology, the rainforest, patriotic stamps, endangered species, birds, signs of Spring, ...
Hope you like this idea--it's one of our favorites!