Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Art

#2809. This is the way we brush our teeth

Art, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Feb 8 22:46:34 PST 2003 by Julia Walls (
McGill Child Development Center, Concord, NC
Materials Required: Toothpaste, tooth brush, mini sand timer, white construction paper, red crayon, picture of smile
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Dental Health

-Photo copy picture of smile onto const. paper. Have children color the lips w/ a red crayon.
-Give each child a mini sand timer to set in front of them and a tooth brush with toothpaste applied to it.(They may apply it or the teacher.)
-Tell them that after they turn over the sand timer, they should begin brushing the teeth on their smile. But,when all the sand empties to the bottom, then they are to stop brushing.
-Then explain to them that the reason they are brushing till the sand runs out is that it is the recommended length of time to brush your teeth so that your teeth have been given a healthy brushing.