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#2821. Character cookies

other, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Mar 4 11:50:01 PST 2003 by Ashley Pollard (
Internship at Rosman Elementary, Rosman, NC, USA
Materials Required: Paper, gingerbread man cut out, coloring and decorating utensils
Activity Time: 30 mins, you decide
Concepts Taught: Character Development

1. Cut out enough ginger bread men to give one to every student.
2. Read them a book on being themselves and individuality or
have them make a list of things they like and words that describe
themselves (either one will work).
3. Then tell them to decorate their "cookie" with different things that
describe themselves.
4. When they are finished have tehm put their names on their cookie and
post them somewhere in the class room.

I found that showing my first graders an example "cookie" that I did myself
became a problem because they wanted to copy. But they LOVED the activity and
I really believe it helps them out alot on knowing themselves!