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#2824. Nouns work sheets

, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: None


~*A noun is a person a place or a thing.
~*There is a noun in every sentence.
~* Nouns are things such as Boy is a person Home is a place and Toy is a thing.

~ Practice ~
Found the nouns in each sentence.
1.) The house is very big.
2.) My dog is sick.
3.) What did you do last night?
4.) My mom cooked supper last night.
5.) Did you get the mail?

Find the nouns in each sentence.

1.) The cow is black and white.
2.) What did the house look like?
3.) Dustin is in the house.
4.) The pig is fat.
5.) My dog and I went for a walk last night.


1.) Black 7.) Walk 13.) sick
2.) White 8.)place
3.) Like 9.)thing
4.) House 10.) night
5.) Young 11.) supper
6.) Walk 12.) mail