Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#2845. 9-12 English Syllabus Draft

Language, level: Senior
Posted Mon Apr 14 20:19:51 PDT 2003 by Marjory Thrash (
East Central Alternative School, Decatur, MS US
Materials Required: None, use/abuse/modify as needed
Concepts Taught: Draft Syllabus for English I, II, III, IV

This class has 4 main goals:
- Learn and practice adult behavior.
- Reach and surpass the skill standards established by the Mississippi Department of Educaiton and the National Council of Teachers of English for the grade.
- Improve learnign and study skills.
- Meet and surpass all benchmarks for returning to home school.

This class incorporates 2 methods for earning grades:
- Assignments (in a wide variety of formats, including verbal, written, test, homework) that count for 3/4 of the report card grade. At least two assignmetns will be given a week, and in most cases there will be 3 to 5 per week. Students will be told point value for every assignment when the unit is introduced.
- 9 week tests (worth 1/4 of the report card grade)
- Grades are earned for assignmetns and tests, never for attendance or behavior. Students with unexcused absences will earn zeros for the assignmetns missed. Students with excused absences will be given up to one week (insturciton discretion) for making up grades. No extra projects or alternative projects will be given.
- Students refusing to try on assignmetns will earn discipline referrals.

This clas follows the rules of ECAS and 4 classroom rules:
- Come in quietly and sit down.
- Make sure Mrs. Thrash can see your face at all times.
- Get permission first and every time.
- Try every request given to you by any staff member in the room.

Refusal to follow the classroom rules is considered insubordination to the teacher and will merit immeidate discipline referral.

This class promotes the following attitudes:
- Every person in this room comprehends the ECAS and classroom rules.
- Polite behavior is the visible sign of respect; every is expected to practice polite behavior.
- A sincere apology is expected for inadvertent disrespect. The apology will be accepted in good grace.
- A higher level of thought, behavior, and effort is practiced at ECAS.

This class includes students from 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in teh same class:
- All grammar, spelling, test skills, and some writing assignments will be the same.
- Reading and some writing assignments will vary according to student grade and ability.
- As necessary, individual students will work on test preparation, including State Achievement Tests, ACT, and TABE.

The subjects covered during the school year include:
- Proofreading & Editing Skills
- Sentence Combining
- Paragraph Top Sentences
- Paragraph Support Sentences
- Paragraph Conclusion Sentences
- Essay Thesis
- Essay Brainstorming
- Essay Outlining
- Essay Writing
- Essay Revision
- Essay Formats
- Essay - Adding Quotations
- Descriptive Essays
- Direction Essays
- Copmarison/Contrast Essays
- Persuasive Essays
- Essay - Song Analysis
- Essay - Short Story Analysis
- Essay - Play Analysis
- Essay - Nonfiction Analysis
- MLA format
- MLA Research
- Test Preparation
- Summary Writing
- Resume
- Preparing and Comprehending Tables, Charts, Graphs
- Writing on the Job (memos, business instructions)

Family Involvement:
- Students may on occasion earn extra points by obtaining family members' input on an assignments. This may include answering quesitons, listening to the student, or reading and signing work. While these will be optional for the student, your participation is appreciated.

- If you have questions or concerns about your student's progress in this class, please feel free to contact the school for a telephone converence or meeting. Students may request that the instructor contact a family member to discuss progress; please discuss this with your student.