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#285. Stepping Out

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Harden Middle School, Salinas, USA
Materials Required: Copy these papers and change them to fit you
Activity Time: unspecified
Concepts Taught: Discipline behavior modification


Give one or more worksheets to student when you send him/her to detention or send him out of the room or put him aside from other students because his behavior was not accepted. After the student copies down the lesson (as many times as you want them to write it) Have them write/devise a plan on how they can change their behavior to be allowed back in class. This plan must be brought to you before you should accept the student back in class.


Please copy onto a separate piece of paper. Be sure to put your name in the right hand corner of your paper. Title your paper "Respect".

We all need and deserve to be respected. However, we cannot respect others when we don't respect ourselves. When you are rude, put people down, talk negatively, or insult people, you are hurting your respect for yourself as well as for others.

Everyone needs to feel good about themselves in order to get along with others. When someone does not feel good about himself or herself, he or she speaks and acts in ways that hurt others. When you don't feel good about yourself, everyone loses.

We all have bad days. No one is immune to having things go wrong. That is why we always have to remember to treat people with respect, even if we are not feeling very good about ourselves, or can tell that they may not be feeling much respect for themselves. When you automatically treat people with respect, you help everyone feel better about themselves.

How can I treat people with respect automatically?

1. Ignore them when they say or do something that hurts my feelings.
2. Don't argue or fight with someone who is obviously not feeling good about him/herself.
3. Overlook it when someone is trying to tease me to get me mad.
4. Don't say things in anger-count to ten before I speak or don't say anything until the anger has passed.
5. Don't say negative things. I have a right to my opinions, but I do not have the right to express it.
6. Always try to think of everyone as doing the best they can-see everyone as the best that they can be.
7. Put myself in the other person's place and try to understand what their point-of-view is.
8. Treat others as I would like to be treated.


Directions: Copy the lesson onto a separate piece of paper. Be sure to title it "Talking Lesson" and put your name on the top right-hand corner of your paper.

I understand that time is one of the most valuable things we have. Forty-eight minutes is so little time to do all the things we need to do in class, so it is vitally important to make every minute count. When I talk or goof off or disrupt the class, I am wasting valuable learning time. That is not fair to my teacher, my classmates or to myself.

I understand that it is okay to talk:
1. If I raise my hand and the teacher calls on me.
2. If talking is necessary to complete my assignment.
3. If it is free time and I have completed my assignments.

But I know that I must not talk:
1. When the teacher is talking.
2. When a student is asking or answering a question.
3. When the teacher has instructed the class to be quiet.

I can see that learning how to talk only when it is proper to do so is very important, so I will copy this paper as many times as it will take to show you that I have learned this lesson.


Answer the following questions in complete sentences, using most of the words in the question in your answer.
Please think carefully about your answers. An administrator and/or your parents could read them in the near future.

1. What did you do that got you into trouble? ________________________
2. Why was it wrong to do what you did? _____________________________
3. What can you do differently in the future so that you will not get into trouble? _________________________________________________________
4. What can the TEACHER do to help you stay out of trouble and to help you succeed in her class? __________________________________________


Directions: Copy the lesson and fill in the blanks with your own words. Be sure to title it "Time-out Lesson" and put your name on the top right-hand corner of your paper.

I understand that school is a place for learning. Every student in America is offered 12 years of free education. No other country in the world offers this to their students. I understand that I choose how to use this time. I can get an education and learn more about myself and the world around me, or I can waste this time.

I understand that the teacher is responsible for many things. She needs to plan the English lesson and then do everything possible to help students understand the material. The teacher has a big job because it is not easy to help a class full of students. When I behave disruptively, I am making it hard for the teacher to do her job. This isn't fair and I don't have the right to do this.

I understand that the other students in my class have a right to the best education possible. When I behave disruptively, I not only keep the teacher from doing her job, I am also keeping students from getting the best education possible. This is not fair and I don't have a right to do this.

I am here copying this because I was sent out of the room. I was sent out of the room because __________________________________________. I understand that right now, I am missing out on valuable learning time. Instead of learning, I am copying this lesson. I understand that I made a decision to behave unacceptably in class and the consequence for this was being sent out of the room and points are deducted from my grade this week. I understand that I have the power to make good decisions or bad decisions. When I make good decisions I am rewarded. In school, this means getting a good education and feeling good about myself as a student. I understand that I deserve a good education and I have the power and responsibility to make this happen. When I return to class, I will ________________________________________________________

These lessons were taken from the Harden Middle School Hand Book. All credits go to this school.