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Grade: all
Subject: Art

#2853. Re-Thinking "Mona Lisa"

Art, level: all
Posted Thu May 1 20:59:39 PDT 2003 by Becky Lambert-Hopkins (Rlambert@lasvegas.edisonschools.com).
CC Ronnow-Edison ES, Las Vegas
Materials Required: White sulphite paper (9X12 is good), pencils, colored pencils, crayons or pastels, art reproductions
Activity Time: 40 mins to an hour
Concepts Taught: Art History, drawing

Introduction: What if...
Picasso? Lichtenstein? Jones? Nechita?
...painted "Mona Lisa?"
How would the painting be different? How would it be similar?

Discuss: Using the elements and principles of design, discuss the
stylistic differences of each of the aforementioned artists. How do they
use the elements and principles in their work?

Create: Have the students select an artist from the group you have discussed.
Using the style of their chosen artist, students will re-create "Mona Lisa."
How would "Mona Lisa" look if Picasso had painted her? Have the students really
think about the style of the artist as they create, yet keep in mind the portrait
by Da Vinci. The works would be similar in several ways... it needs to be recognizable as "Mona Lisa."

Critique: Students will discuss their works. Did they follow the style of "their" artist? Is the piece
recognizeable as "Mona Lisa?" How is the work successful? How could it be stronger?

The students I have used this plan with LOVE it! They like to try working in the style of each artist (on their own...
they bring drawings in from home.) They are already very familiar with "Mona Lisa," so it is a perfect piece to
work from. Any artists could be used for this... I chose the four I did because I had decent portrait repros of their work.