Grade: Pre-School

#2857. Unit Plan

Social Studies, level: Pre-School
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Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Materials Required: Look at the end of the unit
Activity Time: 4 months
Concepts Taught: Social skills

UAE Celebrations
Grade 4

Done by: Noora Hamed

Subjects Social Studies Math English
Eids and Special events in my country. Months Be careful.

Essential Questions:

1. What is the structure of the UAE society at Eids and special events?

2. How religion months affect our life?


The students will:
Make calendar for the Arabic months and include the Eids time and special events at the UAE such as Eid Alfter, Eid Al Adha, Hajj, Ramadan, Arabic New Year and the prophet birthday. The calendar should include at least five pictures and have short description below each picture. The content area of this activity is Mathematics and social studies.
(Multiple intelligences: Intrapersonal, linguistic and logical mathematics)
Thinking Process: -Uses thinking processes in concrete and abstract ways.
- Predicts consequences when making decisions.

Write three paragraphs showing the importance of Ramadan for the Muslims and what they do in Ramadan. The content area of this activity is social studies. (Multiple intelligences: Intrapersonal and linguistic)
Thinking Process: -Organizes and manages information.
- Integrates new information with exiting knowledge and experience.

Make play about the safety roles that the drivers and walkers should follow in all time including special events such as traditional day. The content area of this activity is social studies and English {speaking}. (Multiple intelligences: Interpersonal, linguistic and bodily-Kinesthetic)
Thinking Process: - Combines information in new and unique ways.

Visit this URL http://www.gesah.netst168.htm which about Incursion of Bader. This website shows information about this incursion without pictures or drawings. The students will read these information then they will work as pairs to produces a story book about Incursion of Bader by using the information that they read before and draw pictures or drawings that describe the information that they have in their story book. The content area of this activity is social studies.
(Multiple intelligences: Interpersonal, linguistic)
Thinking Process: - Uses a variety of thinking skills.
- Combines information in new and unique ways.
- Integrates new information with exiting knowledge and experience.

Bring different kind of food that they have in celebrations time such as traditional food. Each student will bring one kind of food and the students will describe to other students in the class by using stander Arabic the name of her dish and if it consider as sweet or main dishes. The content areas of this activity are social studies. The long of this activity is three classes every class four or five students will present.
(Multiple intelligences: Intrapersonal, linguistic {speaking})
Thinking Process: - Recognizes and monitors own use of thinking processes.

Time Line
UAE Celebrations
Grade 4

February March April May June
Incursion of Bader taskMake calendar Traditional FoodWrite three paragraphs Make play & Make presentation in last week of April EX Summer
Three classes per week. Every Wednesday, 3 weeks, and 3 classesTwo classes, one week. Every Wednesday, 2 weeks, and 4 classes AM break


The total of grade for all tasks is 100

Task One:(Calendar Making)
Items Unsatisfactory1-2 Satisfactory3-4 Excellent5-6
Design and organization of the calendar. {easy to read and understand}
Display pictures(at least five)
Include celebrations time at the UAE (at least five).
Misspellings or/and grammatical errors.
Write short description bellow pictures.

Total=30 points

Task two:(Writing assignment)
Items Unsatisfactory1 Satisfactory2 Excellent3
Misspellings or/and grammatical errors.
Clearly and easy to read. (Have introduction, body and conclusion).
Include main idea in each paragraph.
Have quotation from Quraan or Haddith (at least two).
Use bibliography

Total=15 points

Task three :( Make play)

Use helpful materials (traffic lights): 5 points.
Students' speaking is clear (Each student does her role without panic or shy): 2 points.
Use classic Arabic language: 5 points.
Task on time (The length of this play should be between 20-25 minutes): 3 points.

Total= 15 points.

Task four:(story making)
Items Unsatisfactory1-2 Satisfactory3-4 Excellent5
Design and organization of the story book.
Display pictures or drawing in each page at least one.
Include main information about Incursion of Bader.
Misspellings or/and grammatical errors.
Due on the time.

Total= 25 points.

Task five:( traditional food)

The foods or dishes show the UAE traditional food: 5 points.
The students know what this food includes: 5 points.
Presentation: 5 points.

Total= 15 points.


Internet addresses:


Books used:
- Holy Quraan.
- Text book of Social studies, Mathematics and English.
- Atlas.
- Story book about Prophet.
- Story book about the birth of prophet.

Materials to gather:

- PowerPoint created by the teacher.
- Worksheets created by the teacher:
Al Esrah and Al Maraj.
What to do in Eids.
- Booklet about the Fireman.
- Booklet about Sheik Zayed and his efforts in the UAE.
- Brochure about fires and how to protect our self from fire.