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Grade: Elementary

#2873. "Party..party..party!" in social studies

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Wed May 28 05:42:32 PDT 2003 by frida d. widjaya (frida_dwiyanti@yahoo.com).
sekolah ciputra, surabaya, indonesia
Materials Required: 4 different cards with different activities
Activity Time: 1 lesson (70 minutes)
Concepts Taught: The activity is good because it helps students to * work together with various different peers,

The objectives:
* Students are able to organize the party
* Students are able to present own ideas
* Students are able to work in a group

The activities:
The students are splited into four groups.They choose their own group.
Each group has a leader. The students have to choose the leader by themselves.
The leader will get one card, which is different from other groups.
The cards explain the task that the students have to do.

The four cards/the activities are:
1. Planning:
* make a job list to prepare the party (every
member has a job)
* draw a timeline to finish the jobs (they
must decide the time before making the

2. Themes:
* write themes for the party (as many as they
can, then they have to decide and choose one
that is suitable for the party)
* draw / make an invitation card related
to one of themes (they draw a logo)

3. Entertainment:
* design the games for the party (with
equipments needed and number of players)
* compare and contrast indoor and outdoor games
(give the reasonable explanantion)

4. Food and drink:
* make a list of food and drink for party
(hyginic and healthy, not junk food)
* decide to cook or to buy the food and drink
(with reasonable explanation)

Every group has to discuss and write the result of discussion on the big paper. They may decorate as they like.
At the end of the activity, the leader must present it and the others give comments.

At the end of lesson, the teacher give two open-ended questions, like:
1. Why do people like party?
2. Is a party positive or negative?
These questions can be debated.