Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#2879. 3D american art

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jun 12 08:40:44 PDT 2003 by jennifer slater (
erie sd, erie, Pa.
Materials Required: 8 x 10 construction paper, crayons
Activity Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: learning 3 d images

First the students being by drawing and coloring a self portrait of themselves then the same with the american flag. After both are completed, measure and mark 1 inch vertical strips with a pencil through the entire picture. When both pictures are marked with one inch markings, take a larges 10x13 construction paper. Then begin cutting one strip at a time alternating pictures. Paste each strip alternately on the larger construction paper. After both sheets are glued, begin to accordian the strips. Then, you will have one picture when you look from one side and the other picture from the other side. Easy and Fun