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Grade: Middle

#2881. Table of Contents - Novel Studies

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Sat Jun 14 20:03:32 PDT 2003 by Ann Dean (
Appalachia Elementary, Appalachia, VA
Materials Required: Chapter Novel, Notebook
Activity Time: 2 -3 weeks depending on length of novel
Concepts Taught: Lang. Arts & Reading Objectives, teacher determines

The teacher introduces the novel and reviews the parts and purpose of a Table of Contents. The objectives to be covered are titles within Table of Contents. For example, if idioms are to be studied, one page is designated for them. The Table of Contents is set up with the particular objectives at the beginning of the novel study. Also included will be a summary page for each chapter with comprehension and inferential
questions, a page about the author and his/her other works, pages for illustrations, and a comprehensive test or a page to record grade for novel that has been taken on a computer-generated test, such as Accelerated Reader.