Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#2882. french for beginners (first lesson)

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Jun 24 20:44:08 PDT 2003 by sharon fountain (
secondary, uk
Materials Required: dice scrap paper
Activity Time: 35 mins
Concepts Taught: introduction to french

Introduction and objectives 2 mins

Today we are going to learn how to do simple greetings in french giving your name and saying how you are
We are also going to learn how to count up to six and then use the numbers to help us play a greetings game

1. greet students with Bonjour je m'appelle... 1 min

2. Then Comment t'appelles-tu (elicit je m'appelle...together with name) - choose willing individuals in class to answer - 5 mins

3. Then a va? a va trs bien merci!- individual and choral repetition - forwards and backwards! 2 mins

4. then au revoir! individual and choral repetition- rolling the r! - 1 min

5. Travaillez en deux - pairwork using q & a in 1 to 4 5 mins

6.Comptez! un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six - class repetition - go round group in 6s - 5 mins

7. Travaillez en groupe - in groups of 6 which T identifies by counting in french up to 6 - jeu de d - demonstrate with large sponge die - first identify numbers - second game for each number there is a phrase (write key on board)

1 - un - Bonjour
2 - deux - Comment t'appelles-tu?
3 - trois - Je m'appelle...
4 - quatre- a va?
5 - cinq - a va trs bien merci!
6 - six - au revoir!

pupils aim to roll dice then respond with number and phrase in french - keep score! 10 mins

8 Plenary 4 mins
Elicit from pupils what they have learned - how much progress has been made towards objectives - reward with french stickers to take away any pupils who feel they can perform to teacher and class

Objectives which should have been achieved:
Students have listened to teacher speaking french a large part of lesson
Students have taken part in group and pairwork activities
Students have been given opportunity to work for reward
Students have had opportunity to hear and speak greeting phrases and numbers 1 - 6
Students have learned basic lesson structure - i.e. statement of objectives, lesson development, pace and structure, plenary