Grade: Elementary
Subject: Health

#2887. Doctor Clown Health & Safety for Kids

Health, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jul 2 08:26:22 PDT 2003 by Larry Nolan Stewart (
Doctor Clown Coloring Pages
Doctor Clown Coloring Pages, San Antonio, Texas
Materials Required: Coloring uspplies, access to Internet, printed, and a class full of kids!
Activity Time: Coloring pages to teach health and safety tip
Concepts Taught: Teaching aid for health

Print a selection of Doctor Clown Coloring Pages and use to help with health lesson requirements.

Doctor Clown is an educational medium used to explore health and safety issues for children, parents, families, and communities. Doctor Clown emphasizes public health concepts. Our friend, David D. Madorsky, M.D., M.P.H., and Clown, was the inspiration for this service. We wish to acknowledge our advisor and mentor, Saul B. Wilen, M.D., educator, leader, and champion of education.
Learn with Doctor Clown.