Grade: Elementary

#2890. Writing About a Kiss

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jul 7 05:05:54 PDT 2003 by Donna Carter (
Rossville Elementary School, Rossville, USA
Materials Required: pencil, paper, Hershey's Kiss (wrapped)
Activity Time: 30-40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Sensory details/descriptive writing

Place a wrapped Hershey's Kiss on the corner of each students' desk. Tell them that they are NOT to refer to the "kiss" as being made of chocolate. As far as they are concerned they do not know exactly what it is that is sitting on the corner of their desk.
First paragrah describes what the object looks like (no touching!!) Similes and metaphors are great here!
For the second paragraph have students pick the object up and feel it. Do NOT open the object YET! Describe how it feels.
Third paragraph -- time to open it up and the object in your mouth. Tell the students NOT to chew it, but let it rest on their tongue. Students are to describe how the object tastes, texture, flavor, etc. Remember to remind them they are not to refer to it as being made of "chocolate."
Final paragraph -- Have students summarize their "kiss" experience. You will be surprised at the wonderful stories you will read. I usually have students read them aloud.