Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2892. Intro. to Pre-Algebra

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jul 9 06:47:15 PDT 2003 by Judy Schweer (
Peru State College, Beatrice, NE United States
Materials Required: Pencils/paper & chalkboard
Concepts Taught: 1. Students will learn how to add and subract positive numbers.

1. Procedures
A. Anticipatory Set
The teacher will draw a number line on
the board showing positive and negative
B. Instructional Input
The teacher will discuss with the students
the necessity of understanding Algebra.
Points will be covered of where Algebraic
concepts are used without thinking about
it in our daily lives. (banking,
construction, etc.)
C. Modeling
The teacher will use simple examples of
Algebraic equations on the board while
showing the students how they are solved.
D. Monitoring
The teacher will watch and note which
students are having difficulty
understanding the concepts. These
students will be offered extra assistance.
E. Guided Practice
The teacher will write some equations on
the board for the students to copy down
and solve.
F. Independent Practice
The teacher will write more equations
on the board. The students will copy
these down onto their paper and solve
them for examination in the next math
class period.
G. Closure
The teacher will end the class by
re-capping the concepts discussed
during the class period and asking
if there are any questions about any
of them.

The teacher will make note of the
students who appeared to be struggling
throught the concept and give them
additional support to be sure they
grasp them before moving on to more
difficult aspects of the unit.