Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Literature

#2903. Down By The Bay Theme

Literature, level: Pre-School
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Down By The Bay Song Book Unit
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Books Ideas:
1) Read "Down By The Bay" by Raffi
Down by the Bay (Raffi Songs to Read)
2) Make a "BIG BOOK" classroom project, each child or pairs of children can illustrate a different page. If this is to difficult then the teacher can draw the pictures and children can color, or paint the illustrations.
1) Extend book by allowing or help children think of different ideas to add to the book such as "Did you see a cat wearing a hat". Help them along by giving them the animal and see if they can think of a rhyiming phrase to go with it. Write phrases on large chart and illustrate.
Music Activities:
1) Sing "Down By The Bay" by Raffi
Singable Songs for the Very Young: Great... Art Activities:
1) Make a Watermelon: cut out a watermelon shaped wedges from pink construction paper, then cut a strip of green construction paper for the rind and finally cut black paper for the seeds.
2) Paint a Polkdotted Whale: cut large whale pattern out of white construction paper and let children paint with water colors.
Cooking Activities:
1) Make "Fruit Salad": have each child bring in a different fruit, try different exotic fruits such as, kiwi, mango etc.... Allow children to cut up fruit and mix together, eat and enjoy!!
Outside Activity:
1) Have a special "Down By The Bay" Waterplay Day
Special Activity:
1) Have a Special Luau Luncheon: Invite parents to join in, make or buy grass skirts, make Lei's, have the children make some food items and/or let parents bring items too!!. Food item ideas: pigs in a blanket, sausage and pineapple on a stick, pineapple upside down cake, watermelon fruit salad, etc...

DOWN BY THE BAY SONG BOOK UNIT: Includes, Teachers book, Ready to Make Flannel Story & Flash Cards, Reproducible Mini-Book & Worksheets,
pages are printed on card stock, wirebound with clear vinyl cover and black vinyl backing.