Subject: Art

#2910. Welcoming picture

Art, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Aug 10 08:39:31 PDT 2003 by Paula R. Trueax (
McNary Heights Elementary , Umatill, OR, USA
Materials Required: digital camera, computer printer, paper for printer, scrapbooks with plastic binding combs (premade
Activity Time: varies
Concepts Taught: through photography see how your students have grown during the year

I start the year off on day 1 by having students sit in a special chair holding Clifford, The Big Red Dog and take their picture with my digital camera. This will become the picture on the cover of their Year in Kindergarten scrapbook. (Works well with new students at any time of the year too, because I always have Clifford in my classroom...he is our mascot!) then as the year progresses, field trips, special concerts, b'days...I use my digital camera to record and print out pictures for student scarpbooks. I try to capture the students performing all of their daily tasks and even record their student-led conferences for parents to be ble to see how their child's first year in school was spent. We also enclose art work, writing samples and awards received during the year. It makes for a wonderful memory of Kindergarten. If you haven't purchased a digital camera, I would recommend doing so. They are well worth the expense and you have almost immediate results.