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#2917. Sample college Eng. Comp. 1 syllabus

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Pearl River Community College, Poplarville, MS
Materials Required: none
Concepts Taught: sample syllabus for college prep

Course Description: Students prepare two bibliographies, write a book report, and write a minimum of five expository essays. Clarity of though, unity of content, and coherence of ideas are stressed. Model essays are analyzed. A minimum score of 16 on the English portion of the Enhanced ACT or successful completion of required developmental English courses are the pre-requisites of the course. The class includes three lecture hours per week for three semester hours credit.
Materials: Glenn, Cheryl, et. Al. Hodges Harbrace Handbook, 15th edition. Fort Worth, Harcourt Brace, 2004. (HH) Jacobus, Lee A. A World of Ideas: Essential Readings for College Writers, 6th Ed. New York: Bedford/St. Martins, 2002. (WI) Critically Reading Essays Software (you will use Learning Lab Materials) (CRE) A book relating to your major (Mrs. Thrash must approve your choice) 3 ring binder and plenty of paper - dividers are recommended pens/pencils (make sure I can easily read) Access to a college-level dictionaryBring your 2 textbooks and writing materials to every class meeting!
Notice: We will follow the schedule closely, but bring the syllabus to every class meeting in case we need to modify it.
Mtg. Dates/Deadlines/PRCC Activities Assignments(complete when you arrive) Class Activity/Assessments
1. T8/19/03Week 1TH8/21/03F8/22/03Last Day for Drop/Add -Class Introduction-Read your syllabus. Make notes of any questions you need to ask.-Read WI "Evaluating Ideas" pg. 1-Look over HH Chapter 31 "Working with Paragraphs"-Choose your book-Read WI "Writing About Ideas: An Introduction to Rhetoric" pg. 879-Look over HH Chapter 32 "Planning and Drafting Essays" -Orientation Part 1 - The syllabus-Explanation of book assignment-Pre-assessment testing
-Orientation Part 2 -The Rest of It-Complete any pre-assessment activities-Lecture-Bring book to class for Mrs. Thrash's approval
2. T8/26/03Week 2W8/27/03Soccer (home)Th8/28/03F8/29/03 Soccer (Gulfport) -Read WI "Government" pg. 13 -Read WI "Lao-Tzu" pg. 19 & answer Suggestions for Writing #3 in about 100 words [part 1 of journal entry 1]-Look over HH Chapter 33 "Revising and Editing Essays"-Read WI "Jean-Jacques Rousseau" pg. 53 & answer Suggestions for writing #2 in about 100 words [part 2 of journal entry 2]-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #1-Look over HH Chapter 34 "Writing under Pressure"-Read WI "Thomas Jefferson" pg. 75 & answer Suggestions for Writing #3 [first part of journal entry #2]-Look over HH Chapter 35 "Reading and Writing Critically" -Learning Lab Orientation-Lecture & Class Discussion-Class Discussion and Prewriting Activities-Begin essay #1 "The Definition and Function of Government"-CRE #1 Complete-Group revision and proofreading of essay 1-2nd draft of Essay 1 Due EOC-Journal Entry 1 Due BOC
3. M9/1/03 Labor Day Holiday (no class)T9/2/03Week 3 Soccer (home)W9/3/03 Soccer (Bosier Parish)TH9/4/03Football (home) -Read WI "Hannah Arendt" pg. 85 & answer Suggestions for Writing #1 [second part of journal entry #2]-Look over HH Chapter 36 "Writing Arguments"-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #2-Read carefully HH Chapter 37 "Finding Sources Online, in Print, and in the Field" [For 1st part of Journal Entry 3, take notes on this material] -Journal Entry 2 Due BOC-Lecture and class activities-CRE #2 Complete- Lecture and class activities
4. T9/9/03Week 4W9/10/03 Soccer (home)Th9/11/03 Football (home)Tuesday 9/16/03 -Read carefully HH Chapter 38 "Evaluating Sources Online and in Print"-Read carefully HH Chapter 39 "Using Sources Responsibly"[For 2nd part of Journal Entry 3, take notes on this material]-Read HH Chapter 40 "Citing Sources and Submitting Final Papers"-Make certain you have included a Works Cited page for your essay!-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #3-Look over HH Chapter 41 "Writing Academic Discourse"-Study for Quiz-Compose 1st draft of informal 500 word essay on the topic "English Composition I Library Research" -Journal Entry 3 Due BOC-Lecture and class activities-Final copy of essay 1 due BOCLecture and class activities-CRE #3 Complete-Lecture on Planning and Conducting Research-Explanation of Library quiz
5. Week 5Soccer (home)Thursday 9/18/03Soccer (home) Football (ECCC) -Read HH Chapter 42 "Writing about Literature"-Read WI "Justice" pg. 105-Read WI "Aristotle" pg. 111 & answer Suggestions for Writing #2 [1st part of journal entry 4]-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #4-Read WI "Frederick Douglass" pg. 125 & answer Suggestions for Writing #4 [2nd part journal entry 4] -Journal Entry 4 Due BOC-Library quiz-Small group edit and revision- Essay 2 due EOCClass lecture and discussion-CRE #4 Complete-Class editing practice
6. T9/23/03Week 6W9/24/03Soccer (Co-Lin)Th9/25/03 -Read Wi "Henry David Thoreau" pg. 123-Read WI "Martin Luther King" pg 141-Answer this question: After reading these authors, what is the place of national government in ensuring justice? [journal entry 5] Compose draft of your essay-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #5-Compose 2nd draft -Journal Entry 5 Due BOC-In small groups, exchange and read journal entries-Lecture on Bibliography Small group revision/editing process-CRE #5 Complete-Library work on Bibliography
7. T9/30/03Week 7Soccer (MGCCC)Thursday 10/2/03 Fall Fest C Period -Finalize essay 3 (must be typed)-Read WI "Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha" pg. 643 and answer Suggestions for Writing #1, #2, OR #4 [part 1 of Journal Entry 6]-Prepare sample bibliography entries-Read WI "The Bible" pg. 665 and answer Suggestions for Writing #2 OR #3 [part 2 of Journal Entry 6]-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #6-Read WI "St. Matthew" pg. 691 and answer 1 of the questions in Suggestions for Writing - you choose the one you like [part 3 of Journal Entry 6] -Journal Entry 6 Due BOC-Essay 3 due EOC-Make-up work opportunity (weeks 1 through 6)-Short class discussion about reading assignment-Group proofreading of bibliography entries-Quiz on bibliographies-CRE #6 Complete-Small group reading of journal entries/discussion
8. T10/7/03Week 8W10/8/03Soccer (home)Th10/9/03 -Read WI "The Bhagavad Gita" pg. 703 and answer #3 or #5 [1st part of Journal Entry 7]-Read WI "The Prophet Muhammad" pg. 719 and answer Suggestions for Writing #3 or #4 [2nd part of Journal Entry 7]-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #7-Read WI "Friedrich Nietzsche" pg. 731 and answer Suggestions for Writing #2 and #4-Bonus point opportunity: Write a 500 word essay defining your personality as Apollonian or Dionysian -Journal Entry 7 Due BOC-Class activity (developing Journal Entry #7)-Lecture/Class Practice "Adding quotations"-CRE #7 Complete-Group proofreading of bonus point opportunity
9. Monday 10/13/03 Columbus Day Holiday (no class) T10/14/03Week 9Soccer (ECCC)W/10/15/03Soccer (Shelton State)Th10/16/03F10/17/03 Last Day for WP DropSaturday 10/18/03 Homecoming -Finalize bibliography-Begin preparation for essay 4 "My Own Belief System". In this essay, you will establish:1. The belief system most unlike your own (and explain why)2. The belief system bearing some similarities to your own but not the right fit (and explain why)3. The belief system you feel most fits your own (and explain why)You should come to class with a table listing these elements.-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #8-Complete 1st/2nd draft of essay 4. -Submit 1st Bibliography-In class activity: Mrs. Thrash will set up sections of the room for the various belief systems. You will meet with other students to collect information on each.-Small group peer editing and proofreading-Essay 4 due EOC-CRE #8 Complete
10. T10/21/03Week 10W10/22/03 Soccer (home)Th10/23/03 -Read WI "Virginia Woolf" pg. 797-Read WI "Carol Gilligan" pg. 835-Compose Journal Entry 8, in which you explain the feminist point of view and your own perspective of it [1st part of Journal Entry #8]-Read WI "bell hooks" pg. 839-For 2nd part of Journal Entry #8 take these positions:1. Support Woolf and Gilligan2. Support the cause of black women3. Disagree with Woolf and Gilligan-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #9 -Journal Entry 8 Due BOC-CRE #9 Complete
11. T10/28/03Week 11Th 10/30/03 Football (Co-Lin)F10/31/03Pell Grant Refunds -Read WI "J. Hector St. John De Crevecoeur" pg. 537 and answer this question - how does the author's definition of an American stand in 2003? [This is Journal Entry 9]-Read Frederick Jackson Turner" pg. 559-Write 1st draft of the essay "Enhancing the Definition of the American Citizen"-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #10-Read WI "Francis Bacon" pg. 417-Read Wi "Charles Darwin" pg. 435-Read WI "Rachel Carson" pg. 453-For Journal Entry 10 (1st part) summarize the essential thoughts in each article -Journal Entry 9 Due BOC-Essay 5 due EOC-CRE #10 Complete

12. T11/4/03Week 12Election Day - Remember to Vote!Th11/6/03F11/7/03 Last Day to drop with a W Grade -Read WI "Stephen Jay Gould" pg. 471-Read WI "Richard P. Feynman" pg. 503-For Journal Entry 10 (2nd part)explain your own reconciliation between science and religion (this will not be read in class)No homework!-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #11-Write journal entry #11 about the latest election. Focus on either the local municipality or the state -Journal Entry 10 Due BOC-Make-up Work Opportunity (Weeks 6 through 12)-This is our catch up day (weather). I will have an interesting activity (bonus points) if we aren't trying to get back on course-CRE #11 Complete-Class discussion
13. T11/11/03Week 13Veterans Day Th11/13/03 -Based on the class discussion and any further research, write a 500 word informal essay analyzing the election- Read WI "Robert B. Reich" pg. 287 and prepare to write an in class essay-Go to Learning Lab and complete CRE #12-Begin 2nd Bibliography assignment-Continue work on Bibliography assignment-Read HH Chapter 43 "Writing for Business" -Journal Entry 11 Due BOCRead your journal entry to small groups-Essay 6 will be composed in class and submitted EOC.-Short explanation of Bibliography assignment-CRE #12 Complete-Lecture/examination of book review assignment-Lecture about business writing
14. T11/18/03Week 14Th11/20/03 -Draft your own resume as journal entry #12Bonus Opportunity: Reflect on your semester in English Composition I and free write about your accomplishments -Journal Entry 12 Due BOC-Review of draft resume -Peer edit on Bibliography assignment-Peer edit on book review-Bonus Opportunity: Submit your resumeBonus Opportunity: Class writing assignment
15. T11/25/03Week 15W11/26/03, Th11/27/03, F11/28/03 Thanksgiving Holiday (no class) Begin closing activities - complete any/all outstanding assignments One on one meetings with each student to review progress in courseStudents may use this time for last minute proofreading
16. T12/2/03Week 16 Finalize 2nd BibliographyPrepare Book ReviewBonus Opportunity: Prepare 3 pages of notes for final exam review Submit 2nd BibliographyBook Review Presentations and submissionFinal Exam Review
17. Th12/4/03 Christmas Celebration at 5:00 p.m. in Cafeteria, Christmas Vespers in Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. Bonus Opportunity: Show extensive revisions on the final exam review materialsPrepare Book Review Study for final exam Book Review PresentationsFinal Exam ReviewLast Make-up work opportunity (Weeks 13 through 16)
Wednesday, December 10 1:00 to 2:50 p.m. Final Exam
12/18/03 - 1/4/03 Christmas Holiday
1/8/03 - 1/9/03 PRCC Registration
1/12/03 Spring Classes Begin
Attendance: Mrs. Thrash follows PRCC policy in this regard.You need to attend every class meeting possible. This saves your cuts for emergency use and gives you the best chance of passing the class. When you arrive in the classroom, sign the attendance form. If you don't have your name on the attendance form, you will be considered absent. Just before I begin class, I'll draw a line under the last signature. Anyone under the line is tardy.Tardies: If you are 1-14 minutes late, you are tardy. When you come in, sign the attendance form under the line. With 3 tardies, you have earned a cut. If you are 15 or more minutes late to any meeting, you will be considered absent (earning a cut).Absences: You get 6 cuts for Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes or 4 cuts for Tuesday/Thursday classes. After the next cut, you are automatically out of the class. The only excused absence is for a PRCC sponsored event; your name should appear on the Friday report. All students are responsible for completing the assignments in a timely manner, regardless of attendance.If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact me (via email or phone) as soon as possible. I do have some options available to avoid the cut.
Electronics, Food, Drink, Other: Please turn off or set to silent your beeper, cell phone, or pager during the class. Do not bring radios or other music equipment to class. These rules apply to the classroom and the Learning Lab. PRCC prohibits food, drink, or tobacco products in the classroom. Please limit gum chewing and dispose of used gum in the trashcan (not under a desk).
Policies: Behavior (PRCC): All students and the instructor are expected to follow the policies dealing with attendance, grading, makeup work, withdrawal from class, withdrawal from school, and classroom behavior as stated in the 2003-2004 edition of the student handbook (Cat Country Guide).Behavior (Mrs. Thrash): - Success in this course will in large part determine your future success in college. Most students in the class do not have time or money to repeat this course; please don't waste anyone's time (yours, another student's, or the instructor's). If you act like a fool, you will be treated as one.Plagiarism: Using another person's work without crediting that person is plagiarism. Other terms for this include: copyright infringement, copying, cribbing, cheating, lifting answers, and "getting my friend to do the assignment". If you are caught and found guilty, you will earn an F for the assignment and will be reported to the Academic Dean. Pay special attention to Mrs. Thrash's remarks about "expert witnesses".
Grading: Regular Assignments: Every assignment in this course is designed to prepare you for future English courses. Therefore, focus on completing them on time and within specification. All assignments count towards the final grade; no grades will be dropped. For the progress report, I will establish your average (this will be discussed in class prior to the progress report). For the final grade, you will work toward a point total. The table immediately following shows the number and value for each assessment. As you complete each assignment, you can track your progress in the course. At the end of the course, you can match your point total to the last table and establish your final grade.Bonus Work: It is extremely important that you complete your assigned work and do well. I do not give alternative assignments or extra assignments to pull up your grade. Periodically I will offer bonus points during class activities; if you aren't attending or choose not to respond, you will lose the opportunity.Honesty in grading: In Mrs. Thrash's class, you earn grades for the work you submit. Your attendance, behavior, good looks, relatives, athletic performance, or ability to whine don't earn or decrease those points. Your grades are reflections on your progress (or lack thereof). Mrs. Thrash considers "giving grades" a form of academic dishonesty for you, other students in the class, and students in the future. In addition, statements implying that she "gave a grade" insult her integrity.
Journal: Journal assignments, based on reading and/or lectures, are to several pages long and follow a supplied format. Usually due on Wednesday, the journal entries may be typed or handwritten. The entries will be visually graded in class.
Lab Tests: Quizzes may be laboratory or classroom based.
Writing Assignments: Writing assignments will include a broad selection of lengths, purposes, styles, and procedures. Some assignments will be composed outside class, some during the class. Depending on the assignment, you may be required to revise, edit, proofread, and handwrite or type the papers.
Bibliographies: These are primarily library/internet assignments; you will complete two.
Book Report: You will choose a popular novel; Mrs. Thrash will approve the choice. A separate handout will specify the intent and format of this report.
Final Exam: The final exam will be a cumulative objective and qualitative test based on material from class meeting 1 through 40.
Grade Opportunities(percentages follow PRCC guidelines)
Assessments Number Total Value Percentage Value
Journal Entries 12 @ 10 pts. each 120 5
Quizzes 15 @ 24 pts. each[12 CRE tests/3 in-class] please note that 2 tests will be unannounced, the others are noted in the syllabus 360 15
Writing assignments 6 @ 100 pts. each 600 25
Bibliographies 2 @ 180 pts. each 360 15
Book Report 1 @ 360 pts. 360 15
Final Exam 1 @ 600 pts. 600 25
Bonus Points will be added to the total
Totals 2400 100

Points to Final Grade Scale
Accumulated Points PRCC Grade Scale Letter Grade or Report Card
90 - 100 A PromotedToENG 1123
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C
60 - 69 D
0 - 59 F Will repeat ENG 1113

Bibliography Assignments for ENG 1113

Bibliography Assignment #1 (Due 10/15/03)
Topic for the Bibliography: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Component Format Notes Value
Working Bibliography 10 bibliography cards (3x5 size) in format specified by HH Chapter 40a (beginning page 615) You must include:4 book entries3 printed journal entries3 Internet entries (accessed through Magnolia and approved sources) 80 pts.
Final Submission A formal MLA format Works Cited page including your 10 entries plus 2 more (HH pg. 651 for example) You will have a total of 12 entries (you can choose any type)Be sure to follow all format standards 100 pts.

Bibliography Assignment #2 (Due 12/1/03)
Topic for the Bibliography: Mark Twain: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Component Format Notes Value
Working Bibliography 10 bibliography cards (3x5 size) in format specified by HH Chapter 40a (beginning page 615) You must include:4 book entries3 printed journal entries3 Internet entries (accessed through Magnolia and approved sources) 80 pts.
Final Submission A formal MLA format Works Cited page including your 10 entries plus 2 more (HH pg. 651 for example) You will have a total of 12 entries (you can choose any type)Be sure to follow all format standards 100 pts.

Your bibliography should consist of criticisms of an author's work, that is, books and articles which e aluate or analyze the author's work. Criticism DOES NOT INCLUDE MATERIAL ABOUT THE AUTHOR OR OTHER WORKS BY THE AUTHOR (unless the author is discussing the work in question).
Student Statement of Understanding

I have received a syllabus for this course, and the instructor has reviewed its contents, including the following information: the evaluation process, required assignments, attendance requirements, and course calendar.

I understand that I should do my best to complete class assignments before the due dates and spend the necessary time preparing for tests as directed by my instructor.

I understand that prompt attendance is a critical component to this course.

I understand that if I am having difficulty in the course I should ask questions and seek help from my instructor and counselors.

I understand that in signing this document I accept and agree to the statements.

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Signature Date

_______________________________________________________ Fall Semester, 2003

Voluntary/Confidential Section:

My desire is for you to be successful in this course. Therefore, feel free to speak with me personally or note below anything that may adversely affect your performance in this class. This could include: participation in sports or other college activities, learning challenges, health concerns, military service, family difficulties.

If you have a disability that qualifies under the Americans With Disabilities Act and you require accommodations, you should contact Barbara Mathis (Vocational Technical programs) at 601-403-1252 or Lisa Besnoy (Academic Programs) at 601-403-1242 for information on appropriate policies and procedures.