Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#292. Math Bell Game

Mathematics, level: all
Posted by M. Martinez (mmteach24).
Citrus Cove Elementary, Florida
Materials Required: 2 bells( used in Dr. offices)
Activity Time: As long as you need it to last
Concepts Taught: Anything

This is a very simple but fun game I use with my 1st grade class. I divide my class in half (my class was previously divided into the Panthers and the Dolphins). One child from each side comes up to the front of the room (where I previously placed the 2 bells on a desk) and stands in front of their bell on their side. I call out a math problem and the first person to ring the bell calls out the answer and that team gets a point. The kids just love it. You can also just put the math problems on cards and hold it up.