Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#2920. paper plate snake

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Aug 29 16:17:39 PDT 2003 by Jackie MacDonald (
St> Mary School, Mt. Morris, MI USA
Materials Required: paper plate, scissors, markers, stapler
Activity Time: 30 minutes

1)Choose inexpensive, white paper plates with rippled edges. Because students will be coloring with marker on the back of the plate, it needs to be more porous.
2)Each child needs one paper plate.
3)Draw a large circle inside the plate.
4)Cut into the plate from the outer edge to the the circle; then cut the circle out completely.
5)Take this circle and make one cut into the center. Now make a cone shape and staple it. (This is the snake's head, decorate it with eyes, tongue..)
6)Now cut the remaining outer edge of the plate in half. Staple this into an S shape. (This is the snake's body, decorate it with 2 or 3 color markers in a diamond pattern)
7)Staple the head to the body.
You can hang students' snakes together from the ceiling for an interesting and colorful spring looking classroom.