Grade: all
Subject: Games

#2923. The Memory Name Game

Games, level: all
Posted Mon Sep 1 09:33:17 PDT 2003 by Julie Speidel (
Golden Poppy, Palmdale, CA
Materials Required: None
Activity Time: 20-40 minutes depanding on grade level

This is a fun icebreaker.

1. Choose a student to start the game. This student says their name and tells about an activity that they enjoy. The student then develops a movement to represent this activity.

2. The next student in the group or row then stands up and repeats step one for themself. Then this student has to repeat what the first student has said and the movement the previous student did.

3. These steps are repeated with all the students until everyone has had a turn or the students can go no further. The last student has the hardest job of remembering all the names and movements.

With younger students, instead of going through the whole class, you can play by individual row or table.
A student can be picked to give clues to other students who get stuck.