Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#2924. It's all about me!!

Language, level: Middle
Posted Fri Sep 12 02:52:15 PDT 2003 by Caroline Tanner ().
student teacher, Kazahkstan
Materials Required: Large pieces of sugar paper per child with coloured pens
Activity Time: 30-45 mins
Concepts Taught: teaches nouns

This allows children to selectively use nouns which they have been taught. Each child is given their own piece of sugar paper and told to divide it into four in whatever way they choose. in the centre the child writes 'I am called (Fred)' in french. The heading for each section should be 'I like', 'I don't like', 'I love', 'I hate'. In each of these sections the child is told to write down, for example, three or four things that they love. eg, ice cream, dogs etc. in french. they are then told to illustrate their presentations as much as they wish. a prize can be given for the best presentation.