Grade: Middle

#2925. First Letter Country

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Tue Sep 2 21:02:27 PDT 2003 by Liz ().
Materials Required: paper, pen pencil, place to do research(library, computer lab)
Activity Time: 4 45min classes
Concepts Taught: To learn about a foreign country.

Have the students find out where their ancestors came from. Have them choose one of the places/place their family comes from. That is their country to research. They will have to creat a poster on the country. The criteria is as follows.

Maps(where the country is in the world and map of the country) /6

Culture information- /7

History of the country- /9

Flora and Fauna of the country(icnl. 2 pictures) /4

Display of poster(neat, colourful) /4

At the end, put all the projects on display and have the students wander around and look at other posters.