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#2927. Aquaculture in Biology Class

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Biology Aquaculture
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Visit the following URL:
to get many lesson plans that are aquatic oriented. Here is an example of a lesson plan on this site:

Detailed Instructions Lab

Each of you will need to make either a seahorse or a turtle. Click Here for the link to the turtle. Click Here for the link to the seahorse.

A lab worksheet will need to be filled out for this lab. You will need to complete all the sections.



Class Period:

Experiment Title: Writing Detailed Instructions.

Procedure and Diagram: (Procedure and Diagram Section will be together on this lab and can be labeled together on your lab worksheet) You will draw and explain (using pictures and words) how to make this model so that someone can follow your instructions to make the same exact model you did. They will be able to use your instructions only.(See the example on the powerpoint presentation I have provided for this assignment)

Equipment: Fill in what you used for this lab.

Data Section: Leave blank until I tell you what to do with this section. . .

Conclusion Sections: Leave blank until I tell you what to do with this sections. . .


When you are finished with your model and writing instructions, hand your paper in to the teacher. The teacher will then re-distribute the papers to someone else. When you receive someone else's instructions, using another piece of paper, you will use their instructions to make what they described. You may not receive help from anyone. Staple your finish product to their instructional lab worksheet and hand back to the teacher. (Put your name on the model you created from their instructions.)

After you receive your lab worksheet back, look at the model that was made from your instructions. Does it look the way yours did?

Conclusion Section(s):

A) What happened? Tell me how your model compared to the one that was made from someone else?

B) Why? Tell me about the instructions? By looking at the model, you can tell me if you wrote good instructions. If the model didn't quite look like it should have, what steps needed fixing/tweeking/ added to/ etc?

C) How could we improve the lab? In this section, please re-do any steps that appeared vague from the model that was built by the other person. Do those only in this section, but don't erase what you have already written in the procedure and diagram section.

When you are finished with this, staple both models to the top of the lab worksheet. This will be your data section.

Data Section: Write in this section to "see the attached models."