Subject: Games

#2929. Catch the letter

Games, level: Kindergarten
Posted Mon Sep 8 19:43:55 PDT 2003 by Aimee (
Sawmill School, NJ
Materials Required: a rubber ball (a kickball etc)
Activity Time: 10-20 mins
Concepts Taught: Name and letter recognition, first day of school.

This activity is a great way for students to learn each other's names. The class sits in a circle, and the teacher begins the game by calling out a letter for example, "A." Anyone who has a first name starting with A raises his/her hand and then the person with the ball throws it to one of the students and says the person's name (A is for Amy). This allows students to learn the sounds associated with the letters (T for Timmy) and also gives the students a chance to use motor skills in association with memorizing names. Our class played outside and enjoyed this game very much, however it is important to make sure the same two people don't keep getting the ball! If your class gets ansy sitting still, allow them to switch places in the circle during the game and begin again! Have fun! :)