Grade: all
Subject: Language

#293. Games for Language Arts

Language, level: all
Posted by M. Martinez (mmteach24).
Citrus Cove, Florida
Materials Required: 2 chairs for one game, 2 bells for the other
Activity Time: As long as needed.

There are 2 games I play with my L. Arts group. One is just like the math bell game but instead of using math problems, ask the children to spell a word or ask questions pertaining to what the children are learning and whoever hits the bell first and answers the question correctly gets the point.

Another game I play is a little like the old game on TV called the 100,000 pyramid. I get 2 chairs; one faces the class and the other faces the chalkboard. (For this game the children are paired up) The object: The teacher gives the child facing the board a word. That child has to describe the word without using the word while describing it. Ex. bus Its yellow, long, kids ride in it
Ex. monkey Its brown, an animal, likes bananas
You determine how long the student has to guess the word. If your children are old enough to spell words, then the child describing the word can spell it on the board so you and the children know the word. That is up to you. It is a great game to get children thinking of the vocab words that they know and it is a lot of fun!