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#2938. The Lavender Llama

, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: Book, The Lavender Llama, coloring sheet
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Respect, Tolerance, Discrimination, Prejudice

Themes or Keywords : Discrimination, Tolerance, Bi-Racial Issues, Character Education

Objectives :

Children will be able to define discrimination
Children will see how their behavior can sometimes be prejudicial
Children will see how important it is to see people for who they are not what the color of their skin is.
Children will practice more respect when interacting with their peers

Materials :

Book, The Lavender Llama, by Tandy Braid

Coloring sheet

Questions regarding the reading

Introductory Questions :

As children enter the room, give some of them candy based on a physical (Hair color, eye color). Ask the children, after they settle down, to explain how it felt to get candy- and the others how it felt to be left out. Proceed to tell the class that you are going to read them a story about a llama who had this very same problem. Read aloud the story

1. What was the Lavender Llama's problem? 5.What is respect?

2. Why are people mean to others who are different?
6. How do you think the Lavender Llama felt?

3. What is the name of the disease the llama's had?
7.The Lavender Llama felt like a big zero in the beginning of the story. How did the others treat him in the end?

4. What was the cure for the disease?

Introductory Activity :

Candy distributed to indiivduals in the classroom based on color of hair, eyes, pants...

Body :

Children actually feel what it is like to be discriminated against first-hand. Read story aloud to students

Conclusion Activity :

Coloring sheet of llamas straight from the illustrator

Vocabulary Words :

elation- a very good feeling

discrimination- treating others differently

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